Co-Curricular Activities


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Co-Curricular Activities
The school offers many activities catering to different age groups of students. These augment the academic learning and develop an interest to pursue various skills and hobbies. Art, Music, Work Education, Societies, Sports, and Value Education are given due emphasis for holistic development of the students.

Shankar Mahadevan Music Academy

Shankar Mahadevan Academy

Grow with Music

The Academy brings the "Joy of Music" to your children, through its Grow with Music school program. Grow With Music program for children has been created by Shankar Mahadevan Academy to teach music, through engaging formats that appeal and inspire learning in children. Shankar Mahadevan Academy has introduced various courses specially tailored for children of different age groups.
The Grow with Music program has been successfully delivered to 4000+ children in schools all over the country.

Grow With Music Program

  • Builds a strong foundation and appreciation in music.
  • Nurtures cognitive skills and lateral thinking ability by teaching children how to create and compose music.
  • Demystifies musical elements through fun and effective activities.
  • Develops leadership skills and confidence by engaging children in musical performances.
  • Aids in holistic development by exposing children to diverse genres of music from over the world.

The School Runs Shankar Mahadevan Academy


Art & Music Education

Arts and Music
Art Room

The school provides a number of platforms to students to hone their skills in art and music. According to the scheme of studies of CBSE, art and music education in our school covers the following areas-

  1. Visual Arts: Drawing, Painting, Tie and Dye, Batik, Block Printing etc. Our art and craft teachers use new mediums and techniques to bring out the innate talent of the students
  2. Performing Arts:  Music (vocal and instrumental), dance, public speaking (elocution, debates), dramatics are some of the few areas of training
  3. The vigorous music program in the school is a source of inspiration to all the students.  We start laying the foundation right from Pre-Primary stage, as the school is well equipped in giving the students an opportunity to pick up any instrument from a wide range. It is clear that through individual and group singing accompanied by various musical instruments, the children acquire “Swar and Taal Gyan”.
Instrumental Music Class
Instrumental Music Class

Physical and Health Education

Basketball Court
Basketball Court

The school aims at an all around development of all the students. Sports forms an integral part of the personality development process. The students take part in organized games and sports like Basketball, Football, Cricket etc., throughout the year. Besides, the whole school has fifteen minutes of physical training on all working days. The individual and team games form an integral part of the Annual Calendar of the school. Sports are organized house wise and the school teams take part in various inter-school sporting events as well. Special coaching in cricket is provided after the school hours.

Opportunities for Creative Writing and the school publications
The school newsletter “ECHO” is published in each quarter and is also uploaded on the school website. Students provide all the articles in this newsletter, and an editorial team comprising of students is responsible for the final product.
Children are encouraged to express their views through creative writing in English, Hindi and French. Ample opportunity to write on variety of topics for display boards is provided to all the students.

Outward bound school activities

Outward Activities
Basketball Court

Students are sent on excursions and other trips with teachers regularly to give them exposure to the world outside. Places usually visited by younger students include Dainik Jagran press, recreational parks, parliament and National Museums etc. Our middle and senior school students were taken to hill stations like Dhanolti and Dehradun. Activities like trekking and camping provide students a platform to learn and bond with each other.