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Science Laboratories

Chemistry Lab
Chemistry Lab

The school has fully developed laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics. All labs are equipped with modern and necessary apparatuses to facilitate practical learning in tandem with the theoretical studies. In the future, we plan to establish Geography and Home Science labs. Apart from the regular labs a small workstation for Robotics has also been established, showing our dedication to provide the best to the students in the field of technology.

Information Technology and Computer Sciences

School Quadrangle School Quadrangle
IT Lab

As one enters the Main School Building, opposite the reception area on the ground floor there is a well equipped air-conditioned computer lab for juniors with 24 high speed computers. A well equipped air-conditioned computer lab for seniors is situated on the first floor of the building with 24 high speed computer systems.

A. V. Room

School Ground

Useful teaching aids like TV, LCD Projector, PA system, Audio & Video Players are available in the air-conditioned A.V. Room. Teachers and students regularly use these teaching aids and gadgets for teaching-learning activities and recreation. The school has a good collection of  educational CDs/DVDs on various subjects like biographies, history, ecology etc.


Basketball court

The school has a spacious and well-stocked library with a good collection of books; national and international journals, newspapers and magazines so that the students get to know, absorb and retain the resource materials for their intellectual stimulation. Apart from the given two periods per week to make use of the library, students have free access to borrow books for educational or recreational purposes whenever they want under the guidance of the school librarian.

Book/Uniform Shop
A small bookshop and uniform shop are run independently in the premises which cater to the requirements of uniform, books / stationery items for the students. Materials needed for craftwork are also available there.

In order to provide unadulterated snacks/food at reasonable rates, the school has developed a canteen in the school premises. The students are allowed to visit the canteen only during recess. Price and quality of the snacks and food items is checked from time to time.

School Transport


The school has a fleet of nine TATA CNG buses and two cabs on hire to cover various routes in and around NOIDA, Greater NOIDA, Indirapuram, Sarita Vihar, Ashok Nagar and Kondli. This is available to the students at a reasonable charge. Accommodation in the school transport is limited and has to be applied for in advance on a prescribed form. Admission to the school does not mean allocation of a seat in the school buses.