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The campus is aesthetically planned with plenty of greenery around - offering the perfect setting for physical well-being and intellectual growth of the students. Gardens and playfields provide a pleasing sight and a suitable atmosphere for the students.

School Building
The school is situated in Sec-47, Noida that is nicely connected with the city centre, sec-37, Greater Noida and other upcoming residential areas.  The school building is a magnificent three-storey complex with modern architectural design and is spread over a 20,000 sq.mtrs. plot of land and is truly the “Pride of the City”.


The school building caters to requirement of the fully developed K-12 school. The class rooms, workshops, science laboratories, audio-visual room, library, computer lab and other utility areas are some of the salient features of the school building.

School Quadrangle

School Quadrangle School Quadrangle
School Quadrangle

As one enters the Main School Building, the first thing that catches the eye is the school quadrangle. It also sets the school scene as intimate yet formal, friendly yet well ordered, a place of meeting and passing, the cross road at the center of the school. An elevated stage area, it can hold almost the entire strength of the school. The regular school assembly, various inter house/inter school activities and annual functions are held here.

School Ground

School Ground

The magnificent grandeur of the school building is amply supported by aesthetically and well maintained play field. It is one of the best playing fields in the city of Noida. It also embeds a regular cricket practice pitch. It serves as a single full size football and hockey field during the respective seasons. We also have a volleyball court adjacent to the sports field.  In winters, young players of the school get to play inter house/ inter school matches. With its lush green outfield, it provides a scintillating view to the spectators on match days. Various school events and functions are also held here.

Basket Ball and Badminton Court

Basketball court

On the far side of the school ground one can find a cemented court for Basket Ball and a Badminton court.



The quadrangle of the school is also utilized as the skating rink where the young skaters practice under the guidance of the skating coach during games periods.